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For those of you who like to keep it simple, the 90-Liter heavy-duty 600D Nylon TPU coated bag is the one piece of gear you need to protect all of your valuable assets out on the road. Dimensions L 27" x W 15" L 69cm x 38cm
Preparing ADV motorcycle enthusiasts with the highest quality gear and accessories, from your own backyard to around the world travel.
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Redverz 90-Liter Expedition Heavy Duty Dry Bag        $114.00
Protect your Series II Tent investment with this lightweight, fully waterproof dry bag. Made of PVC-free TPU laminated 420D nylon fabric, the Redverz 50-Liter Dry Bag is lightweight, rugged and perfectly fitted to protect your tent from anything that Mother Nature can throw at it. The roll-top closure and 10,000mm waterproof hydrostatic head provide a totally waterproof seal ensuring that your gear is dry upon arrival. Dimensions L 24" x W 12" L 61cm x 31cm
Redverz 50-Liter Dry Bag                                        $89.00
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Side-opening, roll-closure duffel that adds 100% waterproof capacity to your luggage kit.
The Renegade waterproof duffel bag excels on rides when keeping gear dry and clean is important. We find it's a "just right" size for carrying a sleeping system on overnight/multi-day rides. It is made from sturdy vinyl with welded seams and a roll-closure that seals out water, mud and dust. Easily mounted and cinched tight via D-ring patches and included 1" snap-hook straps. Use it alone on a seat or top rack, or with other luggage
Wolfman Renegade Duffel                                        $69.00
21 Liters, 1275cu.in
This is a truly unique duffel bag. It has openings on each end. It has the ability to adjust its capacity to fit your needs. Utilizing the most advanced Radio frequency welding, this bag is 100% waterproof. It can be attached to the rear of any of our new Expedition Dry Duffels or be used as a stand alone bag. A great place to pack your tent, tent poles (tent poles are always a spacing issue), and sleeping pad.
Expedition Double-Ended Dry Duffel                        $59.00               
Wolfman Renegade Duffel                                        $69.00
Length: 18 in. (Rolled 3 times) 45 cm
Diameter: 9 1/2 in. 24 cm
Expedition Double-Ended Dry Duffel                        $59.00               
Diameter: 9.5
Length: 14 to 26 -adjustable
15 to 28 liters -adjustable
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