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Nomadic Equipment is proud to team up with Ned Suesse creator of Double take mirrors and legandary Dakar Rally racer from Colorado Springs.  Virtually indestructible these mirrors are a perfect fit for just about any ADV and Dual Sport motorcycle. 
• Indestructible- Made from reinforced Zytel
• Excellent visibility- SAE spec convex lens
• Easy to fold, remove, or swap between bikes
• Guaranteed against breakage (except for glass)
• Mirror Diameter = 100mm (4")
• Overall    length = 215mm (8.5")
• Made in the USA
• Long Arm gives better visibility and folds farther into center
• Short Arm creates the most compact package
• We supply the Aluminum version. Which are recommended.
  (plastic version does not grip mirror as securely.)
• Threaded Base for 10mm x 1.25 thread pitch.
• Compatible with all
Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Triumph and
  Suzuki bikes, and left side of Yamaha. (see adapter below for Yamaha RH side)
$24.95  each
$11.00  each
$12.50  each
2" Short arm
3" Long arm
10mm x 1.25 thread pitch
$10.00  each
• Threaded Base for 10mm x 1.5 thread pitch.
• Compatible with
BMW F650/800 twins and R1200GS.
BMW Stud Base 10mm x 1.5 thread pitch
$10.00  each
• Split Clamp Assembly fits all bars
• Perfect for Dirtbikes without integrated mirror mounts.
Yamaha adapter for right hand side.
• R/H Yamaha mirrors are reverse thread.  The adapter shown (left)
  works with the 10mm x 1.25 pitch Ball Stub Base.
Yamaha RH adapter       $5.00  each
Split Clamp Assembly      $4.50  each
• Ball Plate Base with 11mm hole.
• Another adapter for when you need more options to
  attach arms.
Ball Plate Base               $12.00 each
Offering a great range of visibility, Double Take Mirrors can be positioned right where you need them.  Vibrations are a thing of the past off road, and when the trail gets really rough simply fold them down out of the way.  Making it easy to avoid breakage on upcoming obstacles, branches, or in the event of hitting the ground.
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