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Nomadic Equipment is proud to provide the new motorcycle specific road map created by four motorcyclists based out of Eagle, Colorado.  Each map depicts the best segments of road in a given state and presents those segments in an easy to read format.  Butler maps are designed and printed in Colorado on Waterproof / Tear resistant paper.
Butler maps highlight what we believe to be the best segments of road in the state. These segments have been organized into the following categories to provide more focused information about the riding experience you can expect.
These are the best motorcycle rides. Always very dramatic and thrilling. Expect high mountain passes, deep canyons, sweepers, switchbacks, twisties and remarkable scenery. These are the roads with the greatest potential to leave you awe inspired.
Only a notch below G1, these are great motorcycle rides. Expect dramatic scenery, lively roads, and lots of elevation change. Though not as exciting as G1, these roads are worth every mile.
A bit less dramatic than G1 and G2 but still among the best motorcycle miles you can ride. Expect wooded canyons, narrow winding roadways, and great scenery. Many G1 or G2 roads begin or end with a G3 experience.
Beyond mountain passes and dramatic canyons are roads that extend to the horizon and the unknown beyond. The faded paint of a centerline, or crumbling shoulder are all that remain to remind us of a more purposeful past. They are highways that seem lost in time. Void of the trappings of population or procedure, these roads provide a motorcycling experience as unique as the untouched landscapes they divide. They are America’s “Lost Highways.”
Sweeping through the remote forests and mountain ranges of California are paths of pavement that leave even the most seasoned riders searching for comparable experiences. These roads are exceptionally tight, twisty and remote, offering unique opportunities to explore the less traveled corners California.
Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
All PMTs are narrow and unstriped, barely accomodating two vehicles in many places, some PMT s have great pavement while others have road surfaces that have somewhat eroded over time. Because of the unique and varied qualities of these narrow paths, riding experiences may vary greatly depending on the machine you are on.
2nd Edition Utah
Washington Backcountry Discovery Route
Southern California
Texas Hill Country
The Butler motorcycle Utah map seen here being used on one of Korinko's yearly "westward" adventures.
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With-in reach attached atop of the BMW adventure panniers, the Texas Hill Country map tucks easily into the Kriega US-10 mesh pocket.
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