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Every purchase helps support Kevin Muggleton compete in the world's most epic rally!!! - "The Dakar"
Nomadic Equipment is proud to help support Kevin Muggleton compete in the ultimate adventure race.  For every purchase made we will be donating 5% of the sale to help him and the crew get to the start line and beyond!  No coupon codes necessary to enter, and as a bonus you will still receive free shipping on all orders of $100 or more to all North American deliveries. 
Kevin the founder of Reverz gear and manufacturer of the "expedition motorcycle tent", is a true adventurer!  He has crisscrossed the world on every form of transport imaginable: on foot, hitchhiking, boat, bus, train, plane and a 1986 Land Rover which he rebuilt by hand along the way while driving the length of Africa. But without a doubt, his favorite mode of transportation is his motorcycle. 
The 2013 Dakar Rally will be held January 5th - 20th and hosted by three diferent countries (Peru, Argentina, Chile) wth a total distance of over 5000 miles!
2012 Honda CRF 450 X
Baja 500 event
For more info on Kevin's Dakar bike build and rally details be sure to check out the "Team Redverz" blog and facebook page.
TEAM REDVERZ - Kevin Muggleton To Dakar 2013
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